Duski Rechargeable Bluetooth Night Light – Fox


Remote control: Light settings: 30 and 60 min timer, 8 levels brightness, rainbow mode, choose from 9 colours, sleep setting. Bluetooth settings: next track, previous track, play/pause
Bluetooth speaker
Child safe – non toxic
Washable soft silicone design
No heat, low power LED’s
Dimensions: 16cm H x 10cm W x 9cm L

What is included:

Your Duski design
USB Cable
Remote control

Best of all, this is not just a night light, it’s also a Bluetooth speaker. So you can stream calming, relaxing sounds, white noise, your favourite tracks, or even a story.  Combine this with the soft glow of the light, and you have all of your child’s bedtime needs in one place.

Once fully charged, you can stream music and the LED light will stay on for up to 10 hours. 

(battery life will depend on which settings you use – we recommend streaming calming music, meditation or a story through the Bluetooth speaker for approx 30 mins, while your child drifts off to sleep, then make sure you unpair and click “forget device” otherwise, the Bluetooth will continue to use the battery, even when music is not playing. Then using the light overnight on the red light. As red light is best for sleep. Using these settings you should get up to 10 hours of battery life). 
Please note: One device will connect to one Duski Bluetooth speaker, not two simultaneously.

*Using Bluetooth will drastically affect the battery life of this product 

*The remote included in this product requires button batteries to operate and these are hazardous to young children. The battery compartment of the remote requires two or more independent AND simultaneous actions to remove its cover, in this case a ‘pinch and pull’ mechanism.