Duski Rechargeable Bluetooth Night Light – Bear

These rechargeable dream guardians are cram packed full of features to help a child feel safe, calm and secure through the night.
Made from eco-friendly, baby safe, squishy silicone and using the latest technology available, they are not your ordinary night lights!

Featuring 9 colours and 8 levels of brightness, our portable dream guardians can go on adventures with the family. They also have 2 timer options and come with a parent’s remote.

Best of all, this is not just a night light, it’s also a bluetooth speaker. So you can stream calming, relaxing sounds, white noise, your favourite tracks, or even a story, along with the soft glow of the light, combining all a child’s needs in one place

Dimensions: 12cm H x 10cm W x 9cm L

What is included:

Your Duski design
USB Cable
Remote control

*The remote included in this product requires button batteries to operate and these are hazardous to young children. The battery compartment of the remote requires two or more independent AND simultaneous actions to remove its cover, in this case a ‘pinch and pull’ mechanism