Dawn Clocks

The comfort of home

Do you want to enable yourself or loved one to have a meaningful life?. The Dawn Clock™ is a simple solution that can help you alleviate the stress of reminding, or being reminded, of common daily tasks and planning the day. With visual reminders along with its day, time and calendar interface, The Dawn Clock™ assists executive functioning and enables independence for people of all ages.

Reduce frustration and embarrassment

  • Suitable for all ages
  • 9 x Daily routine reminders
  • 5 x Medication reminders
  • Ideal for lockdown & isolation
  • Low glare screen
  • 3 x display modes
  • No wifi needed
  • Recycled & durable frame
  • Mains powered, no batteries
  • 5 x daytime dimming options
  • Automatic dimming 7pm-7am
  • Tamper reduction menu buttons
  • Large screen 160mm x 120mm
  • Hassle free auto setup for AEST
  • Auto restart after blackouts