Colourful Learning – Times Table Game

A fun and innovative game that enables children to learn the times tables…even on their own!

  • Colourful Learning Times Tables reduces the fear of mathematics as children become more capable and confident at exploring numbers and solving problems.
  • Every equation flash card has the answer on the back for self checking and self teaching!
  • Write on, wipe off sheets help learners find patterns and complete equations.
  • Great for classrooms, home schooling or family game nights!


  • 288 Flash Cards
  • 12 Times Table Boards
  • 1 Progress Chart
  • 1 Times Tables Desk Mat
  • 12 Write ‘n Wipe Sheets
  • 1 Marker
  • Dice (x2)

Incorporated games:
• Turn and Say• Bingo• Snap• Flash• Beat the Clock• Roll ‘em out• Knock Out


Suitable from 6 years +