Cayro :What’s Up? Jr Cards

What’s up? Jr. is a fast paced game where all players will have to create a crazy fun story using the elements shown on the game cards (castle, car, etc.). During the game, the different action cards will force you to continue the story using mime, challenge your peers or even introduce yourself into the story. Once the cards have been dealt, one by one you will place a card face up, telling a story that includes the image on the card.

The story should be logical but can be as crazy as your imagination allows. But you must be aware of the action cards, as you could have to change direction, duel, tell the story with mime, etc.

Will you be able to end the story?

We have based this proposed classification of toys on recent studies and investigations, as well as recent domestic and international classification systems.

Our proposal aims to be coherent, unified and practical at all times. 1. Visual perception: Perceptual ability to visually differentiate the objects multiple characteristics. 5. Reasoning: – Concrete: Ability to select forms, categories and objects, and then link them together. – Abstract: The ability of thought to systematically analyse the possible combinations of elements or ideas to discover specific relationships. 7. Imagination and creativity: Ability to develop new ideas and fantasies.

Suitable from the ages of 6 and up