Bubble Pop It Game

32CM X 19CM

Let’s Enjoy The Happy Time From Now On!!!

Simple Game Rules:

How To Play A:
1. Players decide who starts by playing throw dice. 2. Players take turn pressing any number of raised bubbles in a single row.
3. Each player can press one or many pieces of bubbles at a time(they must be connected, must press the same line of pieces at a time).
4. Whoever presses the last bubble loses the round. Loser!

Then flip it over and start again.
Endless fun endless joy!

Complex Game Rules:

How To Play B:
1. A player throw dice first, and if throws 6 then the other player push down 6 pops.
2. And the other way round
3. The player who presses down the last pop loses the round, and need to push the middle big pop, similarly, it will win three games in five rounds.

Play C… Play D… Play E.. You can DIY your own rules to battle with others.

Material: Silicone

Package Includes:
1 x Huge/Big Chessboard Popper Fidget
2 x Dice


For All Ages:above 3 years old 

Colours may vary – sold as a Single 

Games that children, adults and the elderly can play.

Designed with bright colors and pleasant sounds is sure to satisfy any child!

Relieve Stress:
Help relieve stress and restore mood, it is a perfect home/office essential whenever you feel bored.

Design with compact size, make it easy to carry.
Easy to clean:

Reusable and washable, keep the push pop clean, let your child grow up healthy.