Big Fat Pen for Arthritis

Big Fat Pen is Easy to Hold! Great for people with arthritis, hand pain, or restricted mobility.

Non-Slip Rubber Grip on Crystal Blue Body: 5″ long x 1″ in diameter, Weight 1 oz.


Accepts “Parker Style” refills. Comes with 1x Extra Ink Cartridge

Detachable lanyard keeps pen close at hand.


Why Thixoropic Pens?
My wife has had arthritis since she was 13. For years she has tried all kinds of pens: foam grips, ergonomic shapes, etc. Some are okay but this pen works best from her. This is a super big fat pen that works for people with arthritis or anyone with limited dexterity. My wife loves this pen. Now you too can enjoy this truly useful and comfortable pen. She found that fancy ergonomic styles, ring pens, and foam grips just do not work that great for people with arthritis. You do not need a fancy pen, just something big, fat, and easy to hold.

Since 2010 the Thixotropic brand of ability aids has been helping to improve lives by designing and developing unique daily independent living aids. Whether you’re a senior with growing discomfort or have a child starting life with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, Thixotropic products can help make everyday tasks simpler.