Adult /Youth Disposable Nappies -10 Pack

Our Texi Diapers are in a pull-up pant style and have been created to fit your lifestyle.

They are comfortable to wear and offer a high level of protection against leaks.

With a quick-dry layer to lock away liquid, at the same time drawing it away from the skin to keep the wearer dry and comfortable.

They are the equivalent to a Molicare 6-drop disposable nappy.

The super-absorbent layer is made from 30% certified sustainable pulp so it is extra thirsty whilst the extra leg gusset stops leaks.  Sides can be easily ripped apart for easy removal.

We understand that reusable and washable products can be great in theory but are often impractical for those with heavy incontinence. We want to provide a product that works well and gives you the confidence to live life your way. In order to help combat the environmental impact of disposables for every carton sold (4 packs) we are planting one tree! You can read more about our sustainability promise here.



  • No glyphosate, no harmful chemicals. ISO, CE and FDA certified
  • Safe and non-toxic, non-mutagenic, non-irritating
  • Sensitivity tested
  • Comfortable waist panel
  • Quick dry layer to lock away liquid
  • Pull apart sides
  • Super absorbent layer made from 30% certified sustained pulp
  • Blue thread to clearly show back.
  • Suitable for moderate to heavy incontinence.
  • Quick dry system to wick away moisture from the skin
  • Good elastic around the legs
  • Elasticated side panels
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Made with 6 layers,

  • Top Sheet – soft non-woven surface
  • Tissue paper
  • USA fluff pulp
  • Sumitomo SAP
  • ADL (Acquisition distribution layer) – quick dry layer
  • Back sheet – breathable cloth-like film



Size Small Medium Large
Waist 70 to 110 cm 105 to 150cm 120 to 170cm
Crotch To Waist Folded 20 cm 20 cm 20 cm
Crotch To Waist Unfolded 28 cm 32 cm 35 cm
Crotch Width 11 cm 11 cm 11 cm
Absorbency 1500 ml 1800 ml  2000 ml



Size Youth
Waist 60-100 cm
Crotch To Waist Folded 21 cm
Crotch To Waist Unfolded 27 cm
Crotch Width
Absorbency 950 ml