Information Booklets – Set of 7

My Special Child

Written by Rebecca Perkins

This set of 7, two page booklets provide simple easy to follow information on a series of challenges children with ADHD, suspected ADHD or behavioural challenges may struggle with.

The booklets include:

  • How to deal With Meltdowns
  • Self-Esteem in ADHD
  • Managing Sensory Challenges
  • ADHD and Sleep
  • Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria
  • Distractibility in ADHD
  • Supporting Childhood Anxiety

    These simple 2 page booklets are fantastic for the busy parent and will give you a fast understanding and knowledge that will help your child.

  • Specifications
    Size: A5
    Each Booklet is 2 pages and includes images, writing and diagrams.
    Booklets can not be sold separately.