A Different Kettle of Fish:A Day in the Life of a Physics Student with Autism

“Im looking at the Solar System display when I hear a child close by shouting at his mum, to which she replies No need to bite my head off! Ive heard of laughing your head off (to laugh a lot) and even biting your tongue (to be quiet) but biting someones head off puts a rather more vivid picture into my mind!”

During a trip to London, taking in tube announcements, guitar shops, and the Science Museum Michael Barton explores and explains the confusing “neurotypical” world of contradictory signage, hidden meanings and nonsensical figures of speech. His quirky and comic illustrations bring to life the journey from the comfort of his familiar university surroundings into the hectic bustle of central London.

A fun and enlightening read for friends, family, caring professionals and anyone interested in an alternative viewpoint on the world. Sure to “strike a chord” with other day trippers on the autism spectrum.

Author: Michael Barton and Delia Barton
Format: Paperback (214.00mm X 138.00mm) 80 pages Weight: 120g