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Honey Combs

Created by a table top game loving family from Canada, Honeycombs is a game of strategy that has three unique ways to play, each varying in speed and competitiveness depending on your mood and the abilities of players.

The aim of all three games is to create a Honeycomb while accumulating points, the more symbols you match, the more points you earn! The game becomes more complex as more tiles are added as multiple sides need to be matched.

The game of Honeycombs™ comes with fifty-five hexagon shape tiles. Each tile has six symbols on it and no two tiles are the same.


Players compete to build the biggest honeycomb possible. To build a honeycomb, players connect two tiles by matching their symbols. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the honeybee. It is wild and can be connected with any other symbol. One point is awarded for every connection made.

Honeycombs was Recommended by 77 of 95 players at the 2017 Mensa Mind Games® and has also received the Silver Honour Award in the 2017 Parents' Choice Foundation’s awards with it being rated strong on building critical thinking and observation skills.

Ages – 7 to Adult (5 years plus could play with adults help)
Players – 1 to 8
Game time – 15 to 30 Minutes

What’s in the bag?
Handy beehive shaped cotton drawstring travel pack
52 hexagonal printed playing tiles
Rules for 3 ways to play