Name Price Qty
ARK's proSpoon-Smooth
Ark proSpoon: teal
Quantity needed: 1
ARK's Brick Stick Textured Chew Necklace
Ark Brick Stick: translucent-green-standard
Quantity needed: 1
ARK’s Dino Bite Chewable Necklaces
Dino Bite Necklace: dark-blue-standard
Quantity needed: 1
Brain Breaks Directory $22.00
Quantity needed: 1
Sparkly Weighted – Brown Sparkly Frilled Neck Lizard $25.00 Out of stock
Teeter Popper
Teeter Popper: pink
$64.00 Out of stock
Sensory Swing $68.00
Quantity needed: 1
Weighted Lap Bag - Sequin - Rainbow
Sequin Lap Bags: 1-5-kg
$75.00 Out of stock
Senseez vibrating cushion - Adaptable CLOUD $86.00 Out of stock
Soft Wobble Board - Marble Blue $98.00
Quantity needed: 1