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How Specialty Fidget Toys Help Kids with Autism and Where to Find Them Online in Australia

There may be no way to cure autism, but you can do a lot to alleviate the symptoms. One of the most important things you can do for a child with ASD is to address any sensory symptoms he or she may have. Children (and some adults) with autism tend to have sensory issues, such as feeling overstimulated by light, noise, smells, or textures, or they may crave this sensory input. You can help by obtaining fidget specialty toys in Australia designed to provide the right amount of stimulation. Fidget toys help regulate the neural system. They may be squishy, make sounds, require physical manipulation, or be designed in some other way. They may be small plastic toys your child can hold in his or her hand that will distract the brain so that better concentration is possible.

How Do Fidget Toys in Australia Help Kids with ASD?

Children with autism often have a lot of anxiety. Just like anyone else, this stress can make it hard for them to focus. Kids with ASD tend to have so many thoughts and feelings at any given time that holding something tangible in their hands or mouths occupies part of their brains and makes it easier to concentrate. Chewable toys and jewellery are one solution, especially for kids who need oral stimulation. Some children find other types of fidget toys more useful, such as puzzles or soft fabrics. There are also many kinds of fidget specialty toys online designed precisely for that purpose: to be manipulated with the hands as a means of achieving greater focus with the mind.

Choosing a Fidget Toy

An Occupational Therapist can perform an evaluation to help determine which areas of your child’s sensory system you should address using fidget toys. In the meantime, you can simply observe your child’s behaviour. Does he or she grab onto things, put things into his or her mouth, become calmer when listening to music? Take your cues from your child.

Most kids with ASD who have sensory issues will respond well to things they can physically hold in their hands and play with quietly. There are many fidget toys available such as balls, beads, tangle toys, and wooden puzzles that are affordable, accessible, and efficient. The way these toys feel in children’s hands is soothing and distracting (in a good way).

Find Fidget Toys at Sister Sensory

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