Fun Balance Games That Will Help your Child’s Sensory Needs

Balance is the ability to hold your body upright and steady without falling. Many of us take this skill for granted, but it is a significant component of child development, and some children need a little extra help to develop their skills.

Balance is needed when sitting, standing, moving, or standing still, with eyes open or closed. Children need to learn how to balance before they progress to more complex gross motor skills like walking upstairs, hopping, galloping, skipping, or kicking a ball.

Core strength is essential for balance as you need a strong middle to support your body while you change position. If you’re looking for activities and balance toys to promote balance, here are some of our favourites.

1. Single-Leg games

Single-leg games are a great place to start exploring balancing. Get your child to begin by lifting one foot off the ground and time how long they can stay balanced. Turn it into a game and increase the difficulty level by encouraging them to close their eyes and see if they start wobbling – it’s more complicated than it sounds.

2. Tightrope Walking

We love this activity here at Sister Sensory. It’s such a great way of safely learning how to balance on a raised surface. Once your child has mastered the Balance Snake or Balance Train, please encourage them to explore balancing outside on tree logs or play equipment at the park.

3. Scooter boards

This ride-on scooter board allows your child to lay down and propel themselves with their hands and feet, gradually moving up to kneeling. It helps strengthen the core muscles while improving balance and coordination.

4. Balancing Balls Game

Forget about the old egg and spoon race; these colourful balancing balls games will help improve hand-eye coordination and overall balance—a fantastic party game.

5. Create a ninja course

Kids love obstacle courses! Create your ultimate Australian ninja obstacle course with our range of fun activities. We have ninja netstunnels, and ninja climbing ropes, and more. Explore our fun obstacle course options here.

Why choose Sister Sensory for your balance toys for kids?

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