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See How Behavioural Sensory Toys for Children Can Help Calm and Educate

Many parents of autistic children are advised to provide their kids with sensory toys. You may be curious how these products can help your child work through challenging behaviours or provide comfort during stressful situations. If a child in your life has been diagnosed with autism, behavioural, sensory toys for kids on the autism spectrum may help with these scenarios and more. Read on to learn more and see how children take to behavioural sensory toys and how these and other products from Sister Sensory may provide support.

Selecting Behavioural Sensory Toys for Toddlers

All sensory toys are made to stimulate your child’s senses. They may be visual, tactile or auditory in nature. Children with autism or related conditions such as Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) tend to have aversions to certain types of sensory input or may be drawn to others more strongly than some of their peers. Sensory input is necessary for proper growth and development, and children who show an aversion to sensory stimuli may end up falling behind. Sensory toys help make a variety of stimuli more appealing, and everyone knows that children learn best when they are having fun!

Most children with autism are diagnosed somewhere between the ages of 3 and 6, although some cases may be discovered as early as age 2. Treating and providing unique sensory options for your autistic child earlier on will likely help them to develop a higher level of functioning.

Behavioural sensory toys for kids are unique in that they also contribute to calm and comfort your child, especially in potentially stressful situations. Weighted toys, for instance, may offer a sensation of compression which may be especially comforting for a toddler, not unlike a secure hug.

All toddlers tend to like to chew, but younger children with autism will likely have a greater desire to do so, perhaps because they particularly enjoy the sensation. This can develop into a compulsion, which may become unhealthy. Many such children do better with behavioural sensory toys which are designed for safe chewing.

While there are many behavioural sensory toys made for toddlers, school-age children have a variety of options available for them as well. Many of these are aimed at dealing with what is likely the biggest challenge for many older autistic children- dealing with the school environment. Sensory toys which are geared toward older kids may include calming fidget toys or similar tactile items intended to build focus. Sister Sensory also provides specially-designed school packs for educators of children with special needs, such as our fine motor kits or sorting bowls. These resources are specifically designed for autistic children and help promote their sensory engagement.

Sister Sensory provides a broad range of behavioural sensory toys for children at all ages and levels of development. Contact us today to see how our quick and efficient service delivers high quality and competitively priced toys directly to you. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and are passionate about seeing your child thrive. Be sure to check our reviews on Facebook and Google to see how our products have encouraged learning and healthy development for other autistic and autism-spectrum children.


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