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Full and partial inclusion programs are becoming the preferred educational plan for students who are on the Autism spectrum. As a teacher, however, meeting the needs of all your students while keeping them engaged and growing has become more complicated. How do you serve both your advanced and delayed students on the same budget? Many of your colleagues have already discovered that Sister Sensory offers the widest variety of Autism Spectrum Disorder toys to Australia’s classrooms at a competitive price. Traditional, separated special education classes often fail to meet the student’s unique needs. This results in bright and promising students being left unchallenged and undereducated. Their prospects are grim. Inclusion, on the other hand, has been shown to be beneficial for both the student on the spectrum and their classmates. Sources online say Autism Spectrum Disorder toys benefit both groups as well.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Toys Found Online is a Smart Investment for All Your Students

When students participate in inclusion programs, special needs children are challenged while their classmates learn the value and importance of cooperation and socialisation with people that are different than themselves. This fosters empathy and compassion and an inclination towards collaboration. Autism Spectrum Disorder toys for Australia’s youth promote problem-solving, sequential processing (necessary for storytelling, ordering, and sorting), and sensory tolerance. Autism Spectrum Disorder Specialty toys in our online store are not exclusively for your students with Autism. Your classroom is likely to have other students who struggle with these cognitive processes but have not been identified as being on the spectrum.

When you purchase online and make Autism Spectrum Disorder toys available in your classroom, you help all your students develop their processing skills through extended attention or targeted skill-building materials. For example, we offer a selection of fine motor skill building items. Delays in fine motor skills, however, are not exclusive to students with notable individual needs. Likewise, our line of quiet fidgets can help any child maintain their attention and resist impulses to avoid tasks and disrupt your class. While our products are earmarked as Autism Spectrum Disorder Specialty toys online, they have universal use in the physical world, particularly your classroom.

Browse Online for Autism Spectrum Disorder Toys at your Leisure

We know you are busy. Between grading papers, writing and modifying lesson plans, rearranging seating charts, staff meetings, parent meetings, and now individualised education plans for your new “inclusion” students, you don’t have time to fight traffic to shop multiple stores with limited selections. You don’t have to. Shopping for Autism Spectrum Disorder toys online is easier than ever. We have done all the work. We have researched and compiled an extensive selection of Autism Spectrum Disorder toys for Australia’s busy teachers. More than “toys,” we have resources that aid fine and gross motor development, sensory deregulation, language reception and expression, as well as anxiety suppressing tools such as fidgets and weighted blankets. Buy a la carte or in thematic packs. Not sure what you need? Talk with our passionate and knowledgeable staff who are happy to discuss your situation and offer Autism Spectrum Disorder toys from our online store that will maximise the growth of all your students.


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