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Choosing Autism Specialty Toys Online in Australia

Children with ASD often have entirely different toy preferences than their peers. Trying to find the right toys for your child and striking out over and over can be frustrating. However, there are some helpful tips you can take into consideration to help you equip your child with exactly the right toys for his or her unique needs and interests.

Don’t put too much weight in ages listed by manufacturers

If your child is developing atypically because of ASD, then it doesn’t matter if the box says, “ages four to six” and your child is nine. Other than choking hazards, don’t worry about age-appropriateness when it comes to toys. What matters is that your child gets to play with a toy he or she learns from and enjoys. Also keep in mind that children with ASD may mouth toys beyond the usual age of three, so do heed warnings on toys that contain small parts.

If a distinct toy doesn’t appeal to your child, try it again later

If your child receives a toy that he or she doesn’t seem interested in, or that appears to be too advanced, put it away and try it again a year or two later. Toys that typically appeal to younger children may appeal to children with ASD later, and may also have different applications at different ages. For example, toys that contain colourful shapes or letters can be visually stimulating for babies and then used to teach the colours, shapes, or letters to pre-schoolers (or older children). At most any age, the tactile stimulation autism toys found online offer may be satisfying as well. Musical toys are another excellent example of items that serve multiple purposes, such as soothing and teaching.

Look for Autism Toys in Australia that Help Gross Motor Skills

Toys that help your child develop gross motor skills, such as balance boards and bean bags, give them a way to use up excess energy and teach them body awareness and other skills. Jumping toys can also be therapeutic and fun. Toys that encourage jumping and balancing can help children with body position awareness as well as sensory input.

Try puzzles

Puzzles are a fun leisure activity that can help your child build confidence. Puzzles can also teach other concepts such as balancing, stacking, and shapes and colours. Small 3D puzzles also make great fidget toys. Puzzles provide tactile stimulation and proprioceptive feedback, and kids often love pushing the pieces together for additional “joint compression.” Stores that sell autism specialty toys in Australia usually have a range of puzzles for your child to enjoy

Sister Sensory offers a range of autism specialty toys online for kids with ASD. Their variety means that they have lots of options for your child to explore, and their excellent customer service, free local shipping, and high quality standards mean that you can feel good about the toys you’re buying for your child to interact with and have fun. Consider the above tips and then have fun discovering a whole new world with your child as you play with specialty toys from Sister Sensory.


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