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Benefits of Autism Chew Toys; Online Chew Necklaces and Toys in Australia

For children with special needs, particularly those with ASD, chewing is a common behaviour. Kids with sensory issues may feel compelled to chew on items such as clothes, paper, toys, or other objects. Some children have Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) or difficulty with processing and understanding sensory information. Some kids feel under stimulated while others feel overstimulated. Children with autism often chew because the sensation chewing provides is enjoyable.

Parents may worry about chewing because it can cause problems including tooth issues and damaged clothing and other belongings. However, the solution is often as simple as giving your child appropriate items to chew. Products such as gum and mints can deliver too much sugar and contribute to tooth decay. Instead, look for online autism chew toys designed for this purpose.

Autism Chew Necklaces Online Are Made for Chewing

Chewable toys such as pencil toppers, necklaces, phones, and other toys provide sensory input in a safe, satisfying way and prevent your child from chewing on inappropriate or unsafe items. These items are colourful and provide added benefits; for example, chewable pencil toppers also add weight to the pencil for enhanced hand awareness and make the pencil more comfortable to write with and hold. It’s easy to find autism chew toys in Australia and other toys that help your child feel calm and focused, doing homework or typical daily activities easier.

Other Ways to Provide Oral Stimulation

Besides chewing toys, you can also help your child get the oral stimulation he or she needs through activities such as blowing bubbles, blowing through a straw, making sounds, and making faces in front of a mirror; activities that provide other types of oral stimulation. You can also encourage activities that require your child to use his or her mouth but cannot be done while chewing, such as talking, singing, reading out loud, or painting a picture by holding the paintbrush in the mouth. If you would like to discourage chewing long-term, you can encourage your child to participate in activities other than chewing – such as swinging – with the understanding that he or she cannot use chewable toys during this activity, but that they will get these toys back when the activity is over. A chew necklace is a discreet chewable item for older kids who still chew.

In Australia, Get an Autism Chew Necklace at Sister Sensory

At Sister Sensory, we provide numerous products designed to engage, educate, and soothe kids with ASD. Our specialty sensory toys include such items as tactile and fidget toys, weighted toys, auditory products, chewable toys, balance and movement products, vibrating cushions, puzzles, games, and much more. We also offer Sensory Packs containing a variety of tactile toys to calm and soothe your child at home or school. All our toys are high-quality and our customer service and order processing time are top-notch. We offer FREE local shipping as well. For sensory products and support aids that calm, comfort, and educate, look no further than Sister Sensory – and be sure to check out our reviews on Facebook and Google, too!


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