Autism and Eating Disorders in Teens

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Autism and Eating Disorders in Teens: A Guide for Parents and Profession

Autism and Eating Disorders in Teenagers explores the intersect of two areas that is often overlooked, underdiagnosed and misunderstood. Two experienced practitioners examine the need for change in current practice and policy, drawing on case studies to demonstrate how professionals and parents can empower this group to reach their full potential.
The relationship between autism and eating disorders is often overlooked or misunderstood.

Written by two experienced clinicians working with young people, Autism and Eating Disorders in Teens covers topics including identification of both conditions, diagnosis and the recovery process, challenging current thinking and promoting new ways of working to promote treatment and awareness.

Autism and eating disorders often present in similar ways, whether through restrictive or selective eating behaviours, or rigid or obsessive thought patterns. As a result, individuals may receive treatment for one condition with the other - although present - going undiagnosed.

This is a practical guide for the adults supporting this group of teens, recommending changes in policy and practice in order to improve the care of young people experiencing these conditions. Drawing on in-depth case studies highlighting the need for young people and their families to feel understood and listened to, the authors show how we can empower these young people to reach their full emotional and physical potential.

  • Author: Bullivant, Fiona Fisher and Woods, Sharleen
  • Format: Paperback - 176 pages