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Australia: Weighted Toys Help SPD, ADHD, and ASD Children

Since they were young, your little angel has been… picky. Everything must be just so, or the risk of a meltdown is imminently possible. So far, it has seemed easier to avoid certain fabrics in their clothing, keep food from touching on their plate, and you were happy when bath time got easier with their insistence on graduating to showers. But the school has called three times this week. It’s only Thursday. Yesterday, attached to the note home, was a flyer from Sister Sensory where you can find weighted specialty toys online. It was the one day you did not get a call. The note requests you to come down for a meeting to discuss options and solutions. You just got off the phone to confirm a time for tomorrow afternoon. Aside from disruptive behavioural outbursts, your little one is smart, engaging, talkative, and on track with cognitive and motor skills. Perhaps trading in your car because the fabric seats “felt weird” on their legs, however, was a missed signal. Recently, the popularity of weighted specialty toys in Australia has exploded. Weighted toys in Australia are used to assist children with sensory input processing.

Weighted Toys for Australia’s Youth Bridge Processing Gaps and Ease Anxiety
In Australia, weighted toys have helped youth learn to process sensory input more effectively and deal with the stress and anxiety that comes from overstimulation. Problems with sensory input indicate issues with self-regulation. This can affect every aspect of a child’s life. Therefore, more classrooms are using weighted specialty toys provided from online stores to calm down agitated, overstimulated students who struggle with a broad range of perception disorders including Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). However, your child does not need to have a diagnosable condition to benefit from weighted specialty toys here in Australia. Sometimes, kids simply don’t like a sensation. While many sensations are avoidable, when they are not, it is important to prepare your child by giving them the tools they need to tolerate the experience without losing control. Thankfully, as more people begin to understand the complex facets of sensory processing, the acceptance of weighted specialty toys in Australia’s classrooms has increased. A weighted specialty item from Sister Sensory may provide your child with the security they need while at school, thus decreasing the occurrence of outbursts so they can stay at school, and you can stay at work.

Shop Weighted Specialty Toys Online from Sister Sensory

Sister Sensory’s extensive stock of resources, from weighted blankets to textured toys, allow you to help your child get comfortable with normal sensory input so that when they encounter the input in the natural world, it is less agitating. With diligent work at home, it is likely the concerned calls from school will decrease. Our online store is user-friendly and allows you to shop when it’s convenient for you. We know you have your hands full. Still, we are committed to excellent customer service. Our high-quality weighted toys used in Australia ensure durability and ease of use. When you shop with us, you are not on your own. Contact us to discuss your situation, and our friendly and highly knowledgeable staff will suggest suitable products for your needs. Our first-hand experience with special-needs makes us the authority in Australia’s weighted toys. We’ll ensure that you have the tools you need to get your pride and joy back on track and keep them from falling behind.


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