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Durable, ASD Toys Available Online for your Classroom

It’s been years since you’ve been approved to get supplies. For the last two years, new ASD specialties toys you found online came out of your pocket whenever an old tool broke. You have already started a list of brands and products that turned out to be duds despite fantastic online reviews. This year, during the summer recess, you get to go shopping! Don’t waste your precious time off fighting traffic traveling to multiple stores to pick up pieces you have had your eyes on all year. Sister Sensory compiles and sells the best ASD Specialty Toys in all Australia. Our products come from the best brands and product lines ensuring that your educational investment will produce returns for multiple terms. Avoid falling for fake reviews on subpar products. When you shop with Sister Sensory, know all our reviews come from our customers and our seasoned staff.

Shop ASD Specialty Toys Online from Sister Sensory

We make it simple with an easy to use, customer-intuitive online site with full product description, suggested usages, appropriate chronological/developmental age level recommendations, and customer reviews. Shop all the brands on one convenient site. Have a question about ASD Specialty Toys new to Australia? Call our friendly staff to provide honest, friendly, and knowledgeable information on the products we sell. Find out what ASD Specialty Toys available online other teachers are using. Buy a la cart or in our specially-crafted targeted skill-building packs. Our first-hand experience with many of these products gives us an added personal touch you can’t find from detached vendors who merely collect your money and ship out product. We know what works and what ASD toys seen online are pure gimmick not worth your money.

Achieve Classroom Management with ASD Toys Provided at our Online Store

The use of ASD Specialty Toys in Australia’s classroom is on the rise. This is partially due to the increase of inclusion classroom programs where students on the spectrum are placed in mainstream classes with the help of aids – both human and toys/tools. Secondarily, it’s being recognised that ASD toys are beneficial to children on or off the spectrum. Even astute children can have difficulties with self-regulation. This can cause aversion to necessary tasks and outbursts due to overstimulation.

Educators are finding that using ASD tools and toys help de-escalate agitated students. The weighted Blanket, for example, provides security to a stressed student, much like a hug from a loved one or being tucked into a fresh bed, like when we were young. For some, noise-cancelling headphones help wandering minds focus on the task at hand, while other students benefit from the same headphones by cancelling outside noise. How you use the toys and tools can be modified to suit individual student needs. Fidgets, once reserved for children identified as special needs, also help mainstream students maintain their attention and soothe anxieties associated with performance and social situations. For this reason, more classrooms are making ASD toys from our online store available to all their students.


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