Amazing Me Game

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Amazing Me

The exciting game where everybody's a winner. Children start thinking independently, make decisions, practice co-operation, indulge in meaningful conversation and develop positive attitude in this game of self awareness.

Develop decision making skills
Enhance self-esteem & self awareness
Encourage independent thinking
Express thoughts & feelings imaginatively and clearly.
Explore & expand awareness of self, family & society.


Game Includes
A multi-coloured game board marked with different symbols representing 4 different categories/topics.
4 Play pieces & 1 Dice
168 Questions/situation cards (42 cards each of the 4 categories: Myself - My Family - My Friends - Tight Corners).
16 Category Headquarter Cards.

The Game:
Each player selects a coloured pawn (play piece) and place it on the space marked Start/Finish. Players roll the dice, the highest goes first and the others take turns in clockwise direction.
Each player on his/her turn rolls the dice. Starting from the centre point, the player moves the pawn along any path according to the number rolled on the dice.

Recommended for ages 6 years +